Circus Workshops

Taster Circus Arts Workshop: 5yrs+ (2hrs)

Learning and developing skills in: diabolo; flowerstick; juggling (balls & scarves); kendama; plate spinning and poi swinging. After shown a brief demonstration of the equipment, the participants will be free to choose what to learn and when to learn, either on their own or with others. There will be an opportunity to display work at the end.

Taster Follow-Up or Intermediate/Advanced Circus Arts Workshop: 11yrs+ (2hrs)
This Workshop is for young people who have already learned the basics and want to develop their skills further, either individually, in pairs or in groups. In addition to the Taster Workshop Kit, I also have a wide range of specialist equipment: Chinese spinning cloths; cigar boxes; triple-bearing diabolos that spin really fast; bounce, contact, glow and stage juggling balls for different types of manipulation; juggling clubs and rings; bar flair kit of bottles and shaker cups - to be like Tom Cruise in the film Cocktail! In addition to me teaching one-to-one and through groupwork, I also bring a variety of instructional books and DVDs for the young people to learn from (you'll need to provide a TV & DVD player or computer). There will be an opportunity to display work at the end.

Circus-In-A-Day Workshop: 5yrs+ (1 Day)

More in-depth than the Taster Workshop, including exploring creative potential through group games, improvisation, clowning and slapstick. Participants will work towards performing a show at the end of the day. You may have a theme in mind or it could be decided by the group. A great idea for many schools is for me to come in and teach shorter Workshops throughout the day, thus giving lots of students the opportunity to participate.

Circus Arts Project: 5yrs+ (2-5 days)

In addition to learning and developing the same Circus Skills as above, exploring the use of UV and glow equipment, and developing skills in pairs and small groups. Exploring characterisation, learning comic routines and further developing circus skills for individual and/or group performance. To perform several sketches or one big show.

Drama Workshops

Taster Drama Workshop: 5yrs+ (2hrs)

With a strong focus on group dynamics and developing trust, participants will explore characterisation through group games, improvisation, mime, role-play and hats. There will be an opportunity to display work at the end.

Play-In-A-Day Workshop: 5yrs+ (1 Day)

More in-depth than the Taster Workshop, including developing story-telling and tableau skills, and using props. Participants will work towards performing a play at the end of the day. You may have a theme in mind or it could be decided by the group.

Anti-Bullying Workshop using Forum Theatre: 11yrs+ (1 day)
Using techniques from Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed and Image Theatre, there will be a strong emphasis on building trust and learning assertiveness techniques to change outcomes. Using improvisation, mask work, sensory games and tableau.
A short piece of Forum Theatre will be produced.

Scrapstore UV Performance Project: 7yrs+ (2-5 days)
To produce a collaborative UV spectacle, using circus, drama, music and reused and recycled waste from industry and businesses. Harnessing the skills taught in the Play-In-A-Day Workshop, participants create a theme/story with characters. They also select their materials and resources from a visit to the local Scrapstore and creative art sessions are held to make costumes, décor, masks, props and set. Exploring creative potential through working in UV (ultraviolet: glow in the dark), glow equipment and circus skills are developed and rehearsed. A musical soundtrack and sound effects are created during music lessons. The whole project could be be delivered in 1 day by 1 person, who would take all the scrap materials and other equipment with them. Or it could last over several days, allowing more time to build a bigger spectacle. It could also be used as a cross-curricular project involving different departments: Art (designing and making); Dance (movement to music); Drama (characters and story), English (writing scripts, glossary of new words); Maths (creating new juggling patterns using siteswap notation); Music (live instruments and soundtracks); Science (UV). A really good theme is Futuristic Fashion & Technology, including aliens, a fashion show & a large UFO.

Theatre In Education Project: 11yrs+ (e.g.: A weekly after school workshop for 6 weeks, followed by 5 days – a school term plus the h/term holiday)

Participants will explore issues affecting their lives to create and produce a piece of Theatre In Education, to be toured to their peers at other local schools and youth centres/projects. I have a wealth of knowledge, resources and skills in many issues affecting the lives of children and young people including alcohol, bullying, child protection, citizenship, crime, diversity, domestic violence, drugs, gender, healthy lifestyles, homelessness, mental health, relationships, sexuality and unemployment.

Street Theatre Workshops

Street Theatre Workshop: 11yrs+ (2 days)

To build strengths, relationships and teamwork skills to create a physical performance. Using group games, improvisation, mask work, mime, physical theatre, slapstick, stage combat and tableau. Learning how to draw an audience on the street and developing performance techniques. To devise several sketches or one big show, to be performed on the final afternoon.

Street Theatre Project: 11yrs+ (5 days)
More in-depth than the Street Theatre Workshop, enabling further development of key skills and techniques to produce more polished performances. The devised performance(s) will take place on the last afternoon in a local town centre.

Requirements for all Workshops

Classrooms are okay for Drama, Street Theatre and most Circus Skills, but not the diabolo as this needs more height. As much space as possible, preferably a large indoor gymnasium or hall. Circus Skills could be outside, though not good in rain and/or wind. If a teacher/assistant/youth worker/parent is in the room, it's vital that they're willing to have a go. Everyone will have a great time and the Workshop will run more smoothly if everyone in the room is participating and developing skills together.

Other Work

I'm also able to film a Workshop and edit and produce a DVD. This could be used as evaluative evidence and multiple copies could be produced to distribute to all participants, so that they can show it to their family and friends, and get credit where it's due.

Perhaps you are already planning a project with children and/or young people and you'd like someone to film it. I could work with the young participants, using drama and creative thinking, to devise and film a DVD highlighting the project that they will be working on.