Circus Skills workshops

Why Learn Circus Skills?

  • Improved concentration, eye-hand co-ordination, focus, reflexes, rhythm, balance, fine motor skills, and behaviour.
  • Development of accuracy in throwing and catching.  
  • Practising listening, observing and following directions.
  • Builds self-confidence and esteem.  
  • Employing multiple intelligences, stimulating both sides of the brain. 
  • Builds teamwork and teaching skills as group routines develop. 
  • Learning to put objects in logical order. 
  • A physical workout as well as a mental one.  
  • It is an ongoing cognitive process learning what you are doing right, and what to do to correct your mistakes.
  • Girls and boys are equally adept. 
  • Once you have learned to juggle or spin a plate, etc, it’s almost impossible to forget – it’s a skill for life. 
  • Circus skills are self-paced. There’s no time pressure, since there is no standard for comparison except each individual’s previous level of accomplishment.
  • A chance to earn an income.


​The main objective of our circus skills workshops is to have fun and to learn and develop some new and existing skills and talents. 

Participants will learn on their own, in pairs and small groups and there will be a focus on the building of trust and sharing skills. 

The performance of circus skills can give a tremendous sense of achievement and confidence. Children quickly learn to perform skills neither they nor their audience would have thought possible. 

Those with concentration and behavioural difficulties often co-operate well and focus for longer periods.

Types of Workshops

Circus skills workshops can last from an hour to a week and anything in between! They are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be tailor-made to suit your needs. 

These are the most popular choices:

2hr Circus Skills Workshop
After an interactive demonstration of all the equipment, everyone will learn how to: balance peacock feathers; flip flower sticks; juggle with beanbags and/or scarves; spin plates. I often work with large groups at the same time (up to 100), splitting the participants into smaller groups, with each group learning each skill on a carousel basis. Slapstick comedy will also be taught and everyone will have the opportunity to perform at the end. 

Circus Day

More in-depth than the 2hr Workshop,

including learning to use a diabolo. Participants will explore creative potential through group games, improvisation, clowning and slapstick, working towards performing a show or series of sketches at the end of the day. A great idea for many schools is for me to come in and teach shorter workshops throughout the day,  giving lots of children the opportunity to participate, learn new skills and have lots of fun.

Circus Weekend Project: 2 days
More in-depth than the Circus Day, enabling participants to further develop their circus skills and performance techniques. Exploring characterisation using hats and props and developing comic routines. Everyone will have the chance to perform at the end, either on their own, in pairs or small groups.

Booking Requirements 

Circus skills workshops require a large space, preferably an indoor gymnasium or hall. Classrooms are okay for all skills except the diabolo, as this needs more height. Workshops can be held outside on grassed areas (not concrete), though some skills are more difficult to learn in the wind.  

For schools: If you let us know how many classes you have and the number of children in each class, along with your day's times (start, break, lunch, end of day), we will devise a structured programme of learning for your Senior Leadership Team.

Workshops for All

 Our circus skills workshops have been delivered to a wide range of individuals, groups, events and organisations:

After School Clubs

Alternative Curriculum/PRU

Community Centres

Corporate Family Days

Cubs, Beavers & Scouts

(Circus Skills & Entertainer Badges)

Family Events

 Fêtes and Fundays

FE Colleges 

(Freshers' Week & Learning Support activities )

Individual Tuition

Holiday Playschemes

Outdoor and Public Events

Parties: Birthdays, Christmas, etc

Prep Schools

(inc. weekend activities for Boarders)

Primary Schools

Rainbows, Brownies & Guides

(Express Myself, Circus Performer, Circus Skills & Entertainer Badges)

School Enrichment Programme

School Talent Shows

Secondary Schools

Special Schools

Team-Building Days


(keeping children entertained)

Youth Clubs

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