Circus Workshop for Children & Young Adults with SEND

Our circus skills workshops can last from an hour to a term and anything in between!

Tom from TK Arts has developed a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience working with children and young adults with a wide range of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities).
Whether you would like everyone to experience an introduction to circus skills or you would prefer to give more time to a specific group of people to learn and develop their talents, TK Arts will provide you with a creative, educational and fun-filled experience. From delivering a 2hr circus workshop at a youth group for children with additional needs or a day of circus workshops at a community centre or school for people with ASD, PMLD, or SEMH, our circus workshops can be tailor-made to suit your needs.


The main objective of our circus skills workshops for children and young adults with SEND, is to have fun and to learn and develop some new and existing skills. Group work will feature strongly, including the building of trust, teamwork and skill-sharing.
Although Tom will lead the workshops himself and he’s experienced and skilled in teaching large groups, the more staff who are able to assist and encourage the participants, the better the learning experience for all.
The performance of circus skills can give a tremendous sense of achievement and confidence. Children quickly learn to perform skills neither they nor their audience would have thought possible.
Everyone will have the opportunity to perform their new skills and talents at the end of the workshop.
Circus Workshops require a large indoor space, preferably a gymnasium or hall. Classrooms are okay for all skills except the diabolo, as this needs more height. Workshops can be held outside on grassed areas (not concrete), though some circus skills are more difficult to learn in windy weather.

Skills taught: diabolo; flower stick; juggling balls and scarves; peacock feathers for balancing; plate spinning. Comedy slapstick will also be taught and everyone will have the opportunity to perform at the end of the workshop.

If you let us know how many classes/groups you have and the number of children or young adults in each, along with your day’s times (start, break, lunch, end of day), we will devise a structured programme of learning for your Senior Leadership Team.

We had a fantastic day and I'd certainly recommend Tom to all

I heard about Tom’s circus skills workshops by word of mouth from another school who were aware of him via his youth work. Tom replied to my email enquiry almost immediately and provided a thorough explanation of the wid… Read more

Donna WickensPE Co-Ordinator and Personalisation LeaderFoxwood SchoolHythe
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