Circus Workshops for Children & Youth Groups

Suitable for: Beavers, Cubs & Scouts; Rainbows, Brownies & Guides; Boys’/Girls’ Brigade; children’s centres; church groups; detached/street-based youth projects; playschemes; young carer groups; youth clubs.

Our circus skills workshops can last from an hour to a term and anything in between! They are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Skills taught: diabolo; flower stick; juggling balls and scarves; peacock feathers for balancing; plate spinning. Comedy slapstick will also be taught and everyone will have the opportunity to perform at the end of the workshop.

Circus Workshops require a large indoor space, preferably a gymnasium or hall. Rooms with low ceilings are okay for all skills except the diabolo, as this needs more height. Workshops can be held outside on grassed areas (not concrete), though some circus skills are more difficult to learn in windy weather.

Tom from TK Arts has over 25 years of experience working with children and young people at a wide range of clubs and projects. Since qualifying in Youth & Community Work in 1995, Tom has worked for a variety of statutory and voluntary organisations in England and Wales.

From establishing, developing and managing youth centres, drop-in services, community cafes, street-based work and mobile youth projects to assisting, empowering, engaging, inspiring, instructing, motivating and supporting young people, Tom has always stuck to his strong, social education principles: helping people to gain for themselves, the necessary knowledge, experience and skills, in order to meet their own developmental needs and those of others.

If you let us know how many participants you have, along with the length of the workshop you require, we will email you a structured programme of learning for your organisation.

TK Arts Circus Workshop

In all my 20 plus years of teaching circus skills to children and young people, I've never met anyone who has learnt so quickly as this young lad. Having only met him earlier this afternoon at a circus workshop I was running at Jimmyscentrecommunityprojects, he began to show me his cascade with 3 balls. It was a little rough but within 10 minutes he'd pretty much mastered over-the-top, half shower, tennis, under the chin, eating the apple and columns as well as several 2 & 3 ball multiplexes. He then picked up a spinning plate and within another few short minutes, he demonstrated all the plate tricks that I can do, just by watching me do each trick once. Then he went to the diabolo and once again, within a few minutes he had learnt to whip, grind, throw and catch, stopover/trapeze, rip off, two magic knots and suicide (though I usually call this a "danger" trick, as I don't think its real name is very appropriate to teach to children). At the end of the workshop, I met his mother and explained to her how awesome her son's skills are and that not only does he clearly have a natural aptitude for learning these skills but I could also see that he has a huge passion for it too. He's definitely in his element and I'm so looking forward to seeing him again next Sunday to see how he's progressed. I've lent him three balls and a diabolo, and I told him about the Facebook group, Juggling Home, so I'm sure he'll be joining today and will see this video. For anyone who works with children and young people, you'll know that meeting little gems like this lad, is what it's all about. Here's a short video that I took using my phone, although to be fair to him it was filmed within a few minutes of him picking up the diabolo. His mum gave me permission to post it here, so please leave him your positive comments to encourage and inspire him further.

Gepostet von TK Arts am Sonntag, 14. August 2016
He even encouraged young people who are difficult to engage in activities, to develop their co-ordination and skills.

Young people found the session fun and learnt new skills. One young person said that the instructor was humorous. Tom kept an active audience for the whole session. He even encouraged young people who are difficult to en… Read more

Amanda AgatesYouth Development Worker Medway Youth Service.
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