Circus Workshops for Community Fetes, Fundays & Outdoor Events

Tom from TK Arts has taught circus workshops at hundreds of community and school fetes, fundays and outdoor events throughout England and Wales. We have enough equipment for up to 100 people to use at once, so long as you have the space!

Our circus skills workshops can last from an hour to a week and anything in between! They are suitable for all ages and abilities and can be tailor-made to suit your needs.
Although Tom does a lot of structured workshops at schools and youth groups, most outdoor events are more informal and people tend to drop in/out whenever they choose.
That said, in our experience many children and young people stay learning and developing their circus skills for hours because with Tom’s expert engagement and teaching skills, they quickly discover that they’re able to do it and become empowered by their own success.
Depending on the size of the group, Tom will either teach everyone the same skill together, divide children into smaller groups and let them explore the skills on a carousel basis, or run an open workshop where everyone chooses what they’d like to learn and when.

Skills taught: diabolo; flower stick; juggling balls and scarves; peacock feathers for balancing; plate spinning. Slapstick comedy will also be taught.

Workshops can be held outside on grassed areas (not concrete) and not too close to parked cars.

Tom can bring many elements into a session or event either through teaching circus skills workshops or just having fun

Knowing the quality and professionalism of Tom Kellett from working with him previously in KCC, I knew that there would be a high standard of interaction with the children, young people and families at the event. Not onl… Read more

Cheryl TriceDiocesan Children and Young People's Adviser Rochester
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