Street Theatre Workshops

Why Learn Street Theatre?

masks in Canterbury exploring
  • Improved concentration, focus (mind, body and voice) and presentation skills.
  • Great confidence and self-esteem builder that can be applied to school, career and life.
  • Develops language, communication skills and literacy.
  • Enhances people’s artistic and creative abilities.
  • Builds teamwork skills, co-operation and helps to nurture friendships.
  • Learning about emotions, how to better understand feelings and how to express them.
  • Develops empathy and encourages to take turns, listen and accept the ideas of others.
  • Exploring ideas through improvisation encourages self-reliance and spontaneity
  • Increased physical development, gaining strength and control.
  • Improved planning and preparation skills.
  • Encourages people to explore issues that affect their lives and to help people understand the world around them.

The main objective of our street theatre workshops is to have fun and to learn and develop some new and existing skills and talents.

Participants will learn on their own, in pairs and small groups and there will be a strong focus on the building of trust and group dynamics.

Those with concentration and behavioural difficulties often co-operate well and focus for longer periods.

Types of Workshops

Our street theatre workshops can last from a weekend course or a week at half-term to a weekly, after-school club that spans for a term or more.
They are suitable for young people aged 11yrs and over and can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

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